Mobile Marketing Anyone?

I run a small business (I’m not going to post the name on my blog because I want a bit of anonymity) and recently have been researching mobile marketing and the different companies that are involved. Personally, I am trying to stay ahead of the curve and mobile marketing seems like it will be the future of reaching people.

I looked at a bunch of companies and ended up going with one called CPL ( who offers a “Mobile Marketing Studio“, which I ended up purchasing because it had everything that I was looking for. I’m excited to jump into this new (for me its new!) marketing outlet and will post a full review after I get the studio and get some experience with it.


Recommendation If You Need A Private Bartender In Southern Utah

Last week I was at a family reunion up in Southern Utah and my Aunt hired a private catering / bartending company for us. The food was steaks, chicken, salad, and some kind of pudding desert that was great. They also had a bartender that was serving beer and wine. It was a classy move by my aunt and I wanted to recommend the company because they did a great job. The company is called “Elite Bartending” and they describe themselves as a Saint George Utah Bartending service.

Mini Cooper Alternator On The Way!

My Mini

My 2011 Mini Cooper S needs an alternator and I’m a bit of a hobbyist mechanic so I just ordered one from a site recommend to me by a friend who is a BMW enthusiast. The site is and here is the page for the Mini Parts.

Hopefully the alternator will be here before Friday so I can work on the install this weekend. I’ll try and keep you guys posted on the install with a step by step guide if I remember to take pictures of each step. We will see…